Love written in the sand

Are you looking for a Florida beach wedding and live out of state?

We have some amazing beaches here in Florida and we would like to share some helpful ideas and tips with you.

Best Months for Your Beach Wedding

Spring is the most popular time to get married here in Florida for destination weddings. Whilst the rest of the US still has cold weather and even snow we have mild, sunny, warm weather with low humidity, and you and your guests can escape the cold for a while!

Wedding season officially here in Florida is broken into two seasons. March-May and then October - December. Most couples avoid the hottest 4 months, June-September as it can very humid and uncomfortable for a Florida wedding.

Our West and Northern Coasts offer some great locations for sunset weddings with powder white sands and turquoise waters. Some of our favorites are Naples, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa Bay on the West Coast, and Destin, Santa Rosa, Fort Walton in Northern Florida.

Once you have decided on a beach wedding - it is time to think about a day or sunset beach wedding.

Holding your wedding ceremony at sunset gives you a beautiful, colorful backdrop, but having your ceremony earlier in the day might provide a cooler breeze. Keep in mind also whether the sun will be in your eyes and whether you want tents to avoid being completely exposed to the elements.

Choose the best setting that fits you and your guests, and always remember to have a backup plan in case the weather changes.

Casual Dress Code for Your Beach Wedding

A bride and groom in casual attire walking along the beach.

When planning a beach wedding in Florida it is important to think about clothing for your and your guests.

Our suggestion would be lightweight, comfortable casual clothing and footwear. Sandals or flip-flops are ideal. Think about a basket of flip-flops for your guests to choose from. This adds a fun element to your wedding.

This is especially important if your entire wedding and reception will take place outdoors..

Beach Wedding Decorations

Red rose petals strewn over the sand make for a classic aisle for your beach wedding

A beach wedding is a perfect opportunity to have flower petals line the aisle, floral arches, and ceremony chairs with beach themes like starfish or shells.

Whatever decor you choose, keep in mind you’ll be outdoors on the shore, which means wind. Make sure any canopies are secure so they won’t blow too strongly in the wind and that all your decorative items are weighed down.

Don’t Forget your Marriage License!

If you’re having a beach wedding here in Florida, we’re here to help you get your marriage license. Avoiding an extra trip to the courthouse is very helpful, especially for non-locals. It also allows you to arrive in Florida and enjoy your time with your family and friends and not have to go and find a courthouse to get your marriage license.