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If you are like most couples, the topic of applying for your marriage license likely won’t come up first when you think about wedding planning. Let’s face it – it’s not the most fun part about planning your wedding!

First, let’s outline what a marriage license is:

A marriage license is a legal document obtained in the county you plan to marry in prior to getting married. In short, it’s a license to actually get married! Once your license is signed by an officiant and returned to the County Clerk, a marriage certificate is then issued and your marriage is final.

The process to apply can sometimes take hours. Luckily, there’s an easier way to receive your marriage license, and that’s by applying through the mail! Companies like Florida Marriage License by Mail offer this service online and there are so many benefits.

  1. The Convenience

If you both have busy schedules, the convenience of applying for your marriage license online can’t be beaten. You can fill out the application online at any time at your own pace; no more spending an hour or possibly longer to see the County Clerk! In addition, you won’t have to reschedule your appointment if you forget any documentation.

“The process was so easy. I’m from out of state. If you are wondering if it’s worth the money, I can promise you it is. Couldn’t have been any easier!” – Amy Brown

  1. Social Distancing

In times like these, any opportunity to stay home and not spend hours around other people must be taken. Snuggling with your fiancé on the couch while filling out your marriage license application online is allowed, though!

“Due to Covid, courthouses were closed. As you dream of marrying your partner for months or years, just to get near your special day to only find out, that the world has been shut down and is in quarantine…Thank God, this company was able to provide the service of going to the courthouse for us, and allow us to fulfill part of our dreams.” – Gee Tee

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  1. Expiration Dates and Deadlines Are Things Of The Past

You won’t have to worry about your license expiring or deadlines quietly creeping up because companies like Florida Marriage License by Mail take those things into consideration when submitting your marriage license application! You can apply for your license with Florida Marriage License by Mail six months before your wedding date and still be good to go on your wedding day!

  1. Extra Travelling Not Required

This one is especially helpful if you are planning a destination wedding! When you apply for a marriage license online, you don’t have to travel to the county where you plan to get married (possibly more than once) in order to start the application process. This can save you so much time and a little extra money in saved traveling costs!

“WONDERFUL! I was so worried about having my wedding 8 hours away but using Florida Marriage License by mail was so easy and quick and made getting our license a worry we did not have! Lorraine made everything perfect and updated me on what was going on every time a move was made. We are so pleased and happy to have used this as a way to get our license and can’t wait until our big day💕” – Alexis Warren

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  1. Organization

Companies like Florida Marriage License by Mail can arrange to send your marriage license to you or a designated person, such as a wedding coordinator or officiant, to help keep you organized in the days leading up to your wedding. This gives you one less thing to hand off and worry about, which is a helping hand we could all use!