Obtain your Marriage License for Sarasota

Planning a Wedding in Sarasota, Florida?

Sarasota, known for its cultural richness and stunning Gulf Coast beaches, offers a picturesque setting for weddings. Whether you envision exchanging vows on a pristine beach, in a lush garden, or at a luxurious resort, Sarasota has something to offer every couple. Its blend of natural beauty and sophisticated venues makes it an ideal location for a memorable wedding.

Top Wedding Venues in Sarasota

Sarasota boasts a diverse range of wedding venues to suit any style and preference:

  1. The Ringling: For a touch of history and grandeur, The Ringling Museum of Art provides an opulent backdrop with its stunning architecture and beautiful gardens.
  2. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: Perfect for nature lovers, these gardens offer a tropical paradise with waterfront views, lush greenery, and vibrant flowers.
  3. Lido Beach Resort: If a beach wedding is your dream, Lido Beach Resort offers a serene and elegant setting with white sand beaches and breathtaking sunsets.
  4. Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium: For a unique experience, consider hosting your wedding at this marine aquarium, where you can exchange vows surrounded by aquatic life.

Why Choose Florida Marriage License By Mail?

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Simplifying Your Marriage License Process

Obtaining a marriage license in Florida can be straightforward, but it's essential to understand the requirements and process to ensure everything goes smoothly.