Lorraine Ellis - Florida Marriage License by MailHaving been a wedding planner for a few years, I saw that there was a need for a service to help brides with their wedding licenses. They did not enjoy having to go to the courthouse, wait in line and miss family time.
In 2005 after a pilot program, Lake County Courthouse launched their marriage by license mail service. We were selected to lead the programme and have organised thousands of wedding licenses during that time.

Lorraine Ellis - Florida Marriage License by Mail Owner

We are now one of the most trusted and recommended wedding license by mail service in Florida. Recommended by Hotels, Minister, Notaries and Coordinators throughout the State.

The service is available to couples getting married in Florida from the USA, the UK, Europe and most other international locations.

We provide same sex marriage licenses in Florida. These are strictly for same sex marriages taking place in Florida.


Pricing depends on when your initial application is made in relation to your wedding date

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