STEP 1 - Marriage License Application and Payment

Complete the online application form including an upload of your driver’s license (US citizen) or Passport photo page (International citizens). Once the form is completed you'll be forwarded to our secure payment system. Please note once your payment has been received and we have processed the application your payment is non-refundable.

STEP 2 – Courthouse Processing

On receipt of your application form and payment, we'll process your application directly with the courthouse. This can take up to 5 days as the form have to be physically mailed to the courthouse with a covering check and then they have to work on it.

STEP 3 – License Preparation

The courthouse will type up your marriage license based on your wedding application form and will email it to us. We will then email it to you enclosing the marriage license, pre-marital statement, Florida handbook, and a letter detailing the next steps to be taken. Please follow the steps in our instruction letter VERY carefully.

STEP 4 – Visit a Public notary - (not done by your officiant)

You should now arrange as a couple to meet with a local Notary service, to have the marriage license notarized (boxes 9 - 16 only) as per the steps detailed in our correspondence. (this is performed where you live) This is not your wedding officiant

STEP 5 - Send your Notarized copies & Statement to us

The marriage license (two copies) and pre-marital statement should be returned to us at the address given in our letter ( must be the original notarized copies). You should enclose a note stating where you want your marriage license sent back to once the final steps have been taken by the courthouse. Options include - back to your home address (US only), to your officiant, or to your wedding location. We will not send to PO Boxes, hotels or overseas addresses

STEP 6 - Notarized copies sent to Courthouse

Approximately 50 days prior to the wedding (if not within this time) we arrange to send your marriage license and Florida Marriage Statement to the courthouse for its final issue date – this will make it valid for your wedding day. Again this can take up to 5 days to get back to us because we have to physically mail the documents to the courthouse so they can put their final issue date on the license.

STEP 7 - Marriage license issued

Once we get your completed marriage license back from the courthouse – it will be mailed back to the address listed on your application, if time permits. If not we will request a Florida address from you. Please note all licenses are sent by regular mail. If you want it sent by FED EX or similar you should provide a prepaid label for us to return your license to you. International couples – will need to provide a Florida address for it to be mailed to.

Terms and Conditions

Please be advised that once you make the online payment and we have started working on your marriage license application your payment is non-refundable

If you would prefer to have tracking ability for your finished marriage license – you will need to provide us with a prepaid Fed Ex or similar label for us to return the license to you.

If for any reason 20 days prior to the wedding all paperwork has not been received we reserve the right to refuse your application and ask you as a couple to go to the nearest courthouse on arrival in Florida, no refund will be given.

We cannot accept responsibility for any licenses lost in the mail or mailings sent to the incorrect address if we were not advised of a different address from the one the payment was made with.



Pricing depends on when your initial application is made in relation to your wedding date

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