This Service is no longer available to California Residents.

We will be out of the office from 10 June 2022 - to 06 July 2022 - if you wish to obtain a wedding license for a wedding during these dates. We must have it completed before 10 June 2022.

If you are getting married before or after these dates then please apply online.




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"Easiest process every. I'm from out of state. They made everything so fast, easy and uncomplicated. Would do it a million times over again"
- Amy Brown
"Lorraine, Thank you for all your help in making things go very smoothly it’s much appreciated."
- Robert
"Thanks so much Lorraine. It has been a pleasure working with you."
- Jack
"Thank you so so much Lorraine!!! Your assistance has been remarkable."
- Genevieve T.
"No problems here at all. They were fast, efficient and everything was accurate. Would use then again"
- Zach Smith