Who is this service good for?

This service is good for destination weddings, elopements to Florida, out of state brides, organized and busy brides.

Why should we recommend your service?

  • Reputable established service – established in 2005
  • Preferred Pricing for partner couples
  • Coupon code for couples to use

Why should couples use your service?

  • They don’t have to come into town early to get their license within courthouse hours.
  • They don’t have to drive around and find the courthouse.
  • They don’t have to stress out if their plans change.
  • One thing to cross off their to do list.

What do the couple need to do?

  • Couples complete online application form, payment and IDs
  • Courthouse processes application
  • Couple notarize the documents and send back to us
  • We sent to courthouse 50 days before wedding for its final issue date and mail to couple or venue.

Where do couples start off their application?

Any questions please feel free to contact us

We look forward to working with you!

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