For one of the most stunning and unique wedding locations, Florida visitors and residents alike turn to Longboat Key for its scenic views and breathtaking beaches. Longboat Key is an island south of St Petersburg near Bradenton and Sarasota.

Spanning twelve miles, the white sand beaches and endless palm trees lining the Gulf of Mexico make the perfect backdrop for proclaiming your love.

Whether you have a destination wedding in mind or want to create lasting memories with the ones you love most, Longboat Key has everything your heart desires!

From championship golf courses and tennis clubs to world-class shopping and dining, there is truly no place like Longboat Key. Lovers around the globe flock to this serene location famous for its stunning beach resorts that provide an immersive experience of island life.

Longboat Key has few public beach access points. This is perfect for anyone that wants a sense of privacy for their beach wedding ceremony.


We recommend choosing a wedding planner who is familiar with the Longboat key area since they are likely to have a close relationship with local vendors.

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Whether you live in Longboat Key or are seeking an unforgettable destination wedding, ensuring you plan every detail can quickly become overwhelming.

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