Florida Keys Marriage License

Planning a Wedding in the Florida Keys?

If a laid-back island feel is what you want for your wedding, look no further than Key West, in the southernmost part of Florida. The Florida Keys are home to a famous 110-mile overseas bridge, 42 other bridges that interconnect all of the small islands, and are surrounded by nature

Florida Marriage License By Mail is here For You

Florida Marriage License By Mail wants to eliminate some of the stress for you. Don't wait until you get to the Florida Keys to get your wedding license - what if something goes wrong? If you do it by mail we have the opportunity to sort out the issue before your wedding day - Sounds like peace of mind to me!

If you choose to receive your wedding license by mail, that will not only eliminate the need for you to find the courthouse, park, fight your way through crowds of other people doing the same thing, and try to navigate in unfamiliar surroundings. Apply Now!

Frequently asked questions

What documents do I need to get married in Florida keys?

government-issued ID (driver's license (US) or Passport (overseas), Social Security Card, and decree absolutes.

Do I have to get my wedding license once I arrive in the Florida keys?

No, you do not have to wait to get your license in the Florida Keys - it can be done in advance via our service.